Nature's best vitamin source!

Our Wheatgrass is 100% certified USDA organically grown using organic soil and organic hard red winter wheat seed.  We grow it in trays in a greenhouse, so that we can grow it year round, take attentive care of it and it is growing under full-spectrum natural sunlight. Unlike field-grown wheatgrass, it is not out in the elements with pests, pooping birds, and acid rain, and is not sitting in a freezer for months before it gets to you.  Unlike indoor  wheatgrass grown under artificial lighting, ours has the benefit of full-spectrum natural sunlight to maximize plant health and chlorophyll content.  We pride ourselves in our high quality, sweet and delicious wheatgrass!


Hollandview Farm is a small certified organic farm, started and run by us, the Bechtold Family, on our 11 acre property in beautiful Holland Township, Hunterdon County, NJ.  We started growing wheatgrass 3 years ago and after seeing the positive effects that it has had on our family, we are excited to share it with our local community!