Nature's best vitamin source!


YES WAY!   We have been helping our customers for years with the benefits of wheatgrass juice.  We have developed another way to bring you those benefits along with the antioxidant and probiotic benefits of kombucha. 


Wheatgrass is a whole food, one of the only true “super foods”, containing all the necessary components that a body needs for perfect health. Many mammals completely sustain themselves on eating grasses, but humans don’t have four stomachs like cows so we cannot fully digest the tough cellulose that makes up the grass to unlock the full nutrition held inside. So by juicing the grass, the nutrient and beneficial components are 100% bioavailable, so the body can fully digest it using very little energy. Our juice is raw so it still contains all the living enzymes which are destroyed by any pasteurization processes.


* One ounce of wheatgrass juice has the nutritional equivalent to two pounds of fresh green vegetables!

* It contains the full spectrum of 13 essential vitamins needed by the body (except for vitamin D which you get from the sun).

* It contains all 7 major minerals and 85 trace minerals in balanced proportions.

* The vitamins and minerals are in the organic form, making them 10 times more easily assimilated by the body than the inorganic vitamins and minerals found in pills and supplements.

* It is a high source of chlorophyll which rejuvenates the blood, is a natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and is a great detoxifier.

* It is full of living plant enzymes which aid in digestion, and break down and eliminate toxins, free radicals, carcinogens and heavy metals.

* Contains many amino acids including the 8 essential ones needed by the body; it is a good source of protein.

* It is a great source of antioxidants.* Helps to increase the alkalinity of the blood and body.


For those who aren’t familiar with wheatgrass, it is the young tender leaves of wheat plants harvested at the point of peak nutrition.  Dr. Charles Schnabel in the 1930’s discovered that young grasses of the triticum family, of which cereal grasses like wheat, barley, and rye belong to are the plants with the highest nutritional value.  We at Hollandview Farm grow wheat specifically because it has the best taste.