Nature's best vitamin source!

Fresh wheatgrass juice

Fresh wheatgrass juice is only available at our markets or health fairs or other events that we might participate in.  Please fill out the contact form and we would be happy to contact you when we're doing something new.  Also, contact us if you have an event that you would like us to participate in. FIND FRESH WHEATGRASS JUICE

Frozen wheatgrass juice- by far, our most popular item!

Frozen juice is the most convenient way to enjoy the benefits of wheatgrass.  You can store a large supply in a small area of your freezer to make sure you can sustain yourself and your family's nutrition for the long haul.  For those that come out to our markets weekly we offer specials that includes a fresh shot and six frozen shots to take daily until the next market.  We also sell an eight pack of frozen shots for those that want to forgo the fresh. 

Month Supplies- We offer monthly supplies for pickup or free delivery to those living in Hunterdon County, NJ and Bucks County, PA. After purchasing please contact us to arrange for pickup or delivery.   Purchase Frozen Shots Here

If you don't see what you want -ask!

Wheatgrass Kombucha

The marriage of our fresh wheatgrass juice and kombucha produces a delightfully refreshing drink.  Researchers have shown that when wheatgrass juice is blended with kombucha it increases the antioxidant and beneficial phenolic levels over those of traditional kombucha. This is an exciting product for us!  Our "Grass-Fed" kombucha is currently available at our farm markets and several local stores.  Contact us for a location near you as we are expanding quickly.  FIND WHEATGRASS KOMBUCHA